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Borderless online money transfer, Faster, Easier, with Lower cost


Enhanced digital payments strategy for e-commerce and mobile payments


We Buy for you Products or Equipment Anywhere in the World


Manage your money and account on the go, wherever you go.

iFlexWallet for Personal

Security and control on the go.

  • Secure Payment Solution that protect every transaction
  • No overdraft fees. No minimum balance. No monthly
  • Reach your goals faster by saving money automatically.
  • Real-time alerts for every banking transaction.
iFlexWallet for Business

Get paid fast from anywhere.

  • Create invoices in seconds and send them for free
  • Accept All Major credit cards and bank payments
  • Accept All Major mobile money Payment in Africa
  • Build custom reports in many ways and you like to save
  • APIs for Developers Easy integration Tokenizer or Authentication

Get real support from real people.

iFlex a payment platform designed to save you time and Money. It’s flexible, secure, and reliable — iFlex platform integrates seamlessly with popular point of sale software and online store providers to minimize disruption for your day-to-day business.

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